Looking for Players?

Looking for People to Play Tennis?: Tennis Ladder

The hundreds of public tennis courts available in the Richmond area make it easy for people in regards to “Where to Play.”  “Who to Play” on the other hand can be the more difficult question.

With this in mind, Charles Gray has organized a Richmond Public Courts Tennis Ladder using the free TennisRank iptv box online tool.  Open to men and women 2.5 (advanced beginner) and above, this tennis ladder allows for the scheduling of challenge matches amongst registered players.  Like a mini-tour, players can climb the rankings by beating higher level players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements to join?
2.5 or above skill level (three leagues based on your level).  Over the age of 18.

Is the league co-ed?

Does the ladder have any time and location restrictions?
Any Richmond public court as agreed by the two players.

What kind of matches should be played?
Best 2 out of 3 (no ad scoring) OR mutually agreed upon match format.

Who is required to supply the balls?
Both players bring a can and the winner keeps the unopened can.

Who is required to enter the results of the match?
The winner of the match records the results.

Is there a challenge frequency?
Yes, Seven days must pass before a player can schedule a rematch with a specific opponent. This can help reduce the annoying tendency of some players to schedule an immediate rematch after they lose a challenge match. For example, if John loses to Steve and the frequency then John can not play Steve again for 7 days.

Is there a challenge range?
The challenge range indicates how many rankings above a player’s current ranking they are allowed to challenge. For the moment, we have not instituted any challenge range rules.

Is there any award??
The winner can get a baby thermometer.